Der Museums-Guide für das Deutsche Technik Museum Berlin (TEST!)

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Location: Ringschuppen I, Track 21

Then Borsig has the name “Beuth” chosen on purpose because he wanted to remember his teacher Professor Beuth at the Royal Commercial Institute in Berlin. The novelty of this machine was the embodiment of the flat slide. It was the first time influence the filling of the cylinder and thus the economy could be improved. A full charge of the cylinders is only during startup or on inclines necessary. The locomotive is a replica of Borsig 1912th The original is from 1842 and was built for the Berlin-rail pickup. Retired 1864 (from trains, locomotives and people MVT Volume 11)

Beuth was many years in Tegel in a subway entrance behind glass. Were the Borsig works?

2010 machine (without tender) in Nuremberg in the 175-year Jubiliäums issued the German railway. This means it was Germany device from the track 21 of the shed I moved, as the hub in the fall of 2010 because of overdue HU was not ready. It was then loaded into the charging road on a low loader.