Railway Workgroup

AKE Logo 01 173 v 25.04.2017

The members of the Railway workgroup meet once a month. If you would like to actively support the workgroup, contact us by email and visit us at our meeting.
You can reach the workgroup at:

We support the museum in the area of the two roundhouse, the track systems and in the Monumentenhallen.

All current information on the permanent exhibition “Rail Transport” at the German Museum of Technology Berlin can be found on the website of the DTMB Foundation.

On the following pages you can read more about the these topics:

Nikolausfahrt 2009

Driving operations at the Anschlußbahn

When requested by the Anschlussbahn, the Railway Workgroup supports the operation of the train by providing supervisory staff, security guards, train staff or train drivers.

01173 Heizerseite

Project Pacific steam locomotive 01 173

01 173 was loaned to Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde e.V. from the holdings of the friends’ association for servicing. The Railway Workgroup is actively involved in this process.

Originalfoto aus alten Zeiten

Project GASAG T3

The Prussian T3 steam locomotive is on the program for this project of the working group. It is the former factory locomotive of GASAG in Berlin. Since June 26, 2010, the current condition of the locomotive has been determined in order to identify further options for restoration and the like. to be able to assess.

In 2017 it was done: The exterior of the T3 “Pauline” will be refurbished and given a new coat of paint that corresponds to the paint job on the day it was taken out of service.

G 8.1 Kessel aufgeschnitten

Project Steam boiler pr. G 8.1

The workgroup has set itself the goal of refurbishing this boiler optically.

Gruppenfoto FWM

Visits and excursions

Furthermore, the Railway workgroup enables visits, for example, of companies involved in railway construction or their factory museums.